Wednesday, May 9, 2012


One more commission.  This one was quite a challenge.

The original sketch was relatively easy.  The girl came out nice right away.

Here's the cleaned up pencils.

This is pretty far along in the painting process.  I put in some lights inside the fortune teller booth, but they were drawing too much attention.  Plus the lighting behind her was drawing too much attention, and the overall lighting was wonky.

It also at this point that I figured out I had a major perspective problem with the booth.

Getting rid of the lights helped a lot.  And here the lighting's getting better.  And the perspective is better, still not quite perfect, but good enough.  I'm not used to doing this kind of painting in Painter -- it's much more hazardous, where with Photoshop I felt like I could easily and quickly make grand changes, with Painter, that control just wasn't there.

And here's the final.  

And for the sake of completeness, a version with a top as requested by the commissioner.