Saturday, December 4, 2010

Blogging Experiment

Hi!  Welcome to my new blog!  And thanks for stopping by!

I find that when I'm drawing, sometimes I have to force myself to put a piece down in order to stop working on it and do other stuff (like eat), or put it down long enough to be able to come back to it with fresh eyes.

So this blog is an experiment in making myself put my tablet pencil down.

As well, certain publishing venues are very prudish about what can and cannot be displayed, so this is an avenue for letting those out for some fresh air.

So watcher, beware.  Subscribe you who are gluttons for works in progress picts and aren't afraid of a little pink every now and then.

-- Ben


To start things off, here's a work in progress based on an old sketch.  I'm still having trouble with her upper torso.

Here's the sketch it was based on.

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