Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Illustrations at FoxyFighter.com

Debbie Chan at Foxy Fighter commissioned me to do 3 pieces for a story that we both came up with about a catfight at a costume party.  She just posted it on her brand spanking new-ly revised site: http://www.foxyfighter.com/

It's a pay site so you'll have to join up to read the full story, but here's a peek at one of the drawings.  The other two are well...let's say they offer penetrating insight into the characters.

Here's a peek at the tame one:


  1. Your work is beautiful as always.

  2. Ben, no matter the subject, the viewer always can see the effort you put into capturing the emotion and sensuality of a scene... ;)

  3. Aww, shucks, Dan. Thank you kindly! Hopefully it doesn't LOOK like it took a lot of effort ;)

  4. While the link you provided works, the site it goes to seems to be defunct