Monday, November 19, 2012

Dejah View

This is another commission, but I kind of went over the top with it.  Unfortunately I forgot to export more in-progress pictures, so you'll have to do with the sketches.

Here's the final version.

This is the first rough, just getting basic shapes.  I used a photo ref for the base pose.

I was trying to figure out what to do with her front leg as the pose seems a little unnatural.  Though what I was trying to do was even more unnatural.  So I just went back to the photo.

Here I'm trying to clean up her eyes by redrawing from scratch, but they completely lost their character.

So I went back to the original eyes.  Gotta love layers!  And added the background.

The painting was done on about 20 layers.  For each element usually a flat color, then various lighting/shading layers on top.


  1. Beautiful!! (: I love your paintings of Dejah Thoris. Did you paint the clasp of her garment over the place where her bellybutton isn't to distract us from seeing the differences between a Barsoom woman and and Earth woman? As I recall from the books, all Martians were hatched from eggs and thus didn't have navels...

    Christopher Phoenix

    1. Thanks, Christopher! You got it right: no belly buttons. I put the clasp there because it was an easy way to help sell the shape of her tummy without super careful rendering. AKA laziness.