Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Space Girl

Here's another space girl from the Trinquette challenge.

Here's the final:

The original sketch.  I was pretty happy with this.

The colors changed the flow quite a bit.

Here's the first pass. Her jaw felt a little too square in this one.

This was a candidate final:

Here's a closeup of her face.

As I stared at this one of the things I realized was that I didn't have enough contrast in my color values.  So I took another pass at darkening the skin.  I also tried a different background color:

The background color wasn't quite doing it for me though.  It brought out her skin tones nicely, but it also seemed to compete with it.  So for the final I went back to the blue.

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  1. Thanks for showing the progress and your thought process on this. It's cool to see.

    - Ark