Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Film Fun

Another Trinquette challenge piece.

Here's the final.

The initial sketch was pretty small.  Around 2k on a side.  I should consider doing this again because it worked pretty well.  The nice thing about working lo-res is it forces you to worry about form, not line or detail.

The first sketch came out pretty quickly based on the forms.  At this point I wasn't sure where to take the picture, but after roughly drawing in the shape of her hair, it reminded me of an egyptian headdress, and an idea was born.  It's pretty common for me to start a piece, not knowing where it's going to go and have ideas emerge during the sketching.

And then I did a quick color test to get a general sense of how I wanted to color.

This piece was unusual in that I went straight from the rough pencil above to the final painting, blocking out basic color forms and adding painted lines to delineate the edges.  Usually I start with much more precise pencils.  But this seemed to work out pretty well.

And this is a facebook-safe version.

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