Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Brisk Summers

I was looking for something to draw the other day and Mike DeBalfo suggested drawing one of his Squirrel Girls.

I couldn't resist.

After browsing through his characters on his DeviantArt site, Brisk Summers seemed to appeal to me most.  http://fav.me/d50bsho

Mike is the master of underboob, so it seemed appropriate to figure out how to get that element in there.  Brisk is supposed to be the most athletic of the bunch, so put the two together, and you have a stretching exercise gone voyeur.

At first I wasn't sure if the tail and ears were "real" or were fake, so I kind of drew the ears fake (because that's how he draws them) and the tail semi-real.  This sketch came relatively quickly.

But the proportions were pretty bad: head was too big, torso too short, legs too skinny, and I had crazy problems with the eye.

So I spent some time in photoshop scaling pieces to they fit a little better.  And in my signature cheat: got rid of one eye.

I was pretty happy at this point.  I was feeling pretty good about the tushie, but the overall piece felt a little too static.

So when I went to do the color, I rotated her just a tad to make her lean more.  I also rotated her upper torso to the left more to give her back and overall form more of a curve.

It looks a little better now, but the figure seemed too small.  She definitely looked better large.  Though this might have partly a function of the big fat pencil I was using.  Chris Gutierrez suggested  a tighter crop, so I did that and leaned her even more.

I *thought* I was done, but after letting it sit a day, I found that the leggings were really bothering me.  I tried cropping it right at where her legs crossed but that didn't feel right.  So I leaned her some more, cleaned up the leggings so they didn't grab your attention so  much, curved out the tail a little, and gave her more padding at the top (to better match Mike's character).

Overall I'm pretty happy with it.  I think my favorite bit is the highlights on her tush.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Joe. I appreciate it! I was trying to get a couple of "S" shapes in there for the flow.

      The funny thing is viewed at thumbnail size it kind of looks like she's pigeon-toed.

  2. DeBalfo inspired Bentan? Somebody got chocolate in my peanut butter!

    1. LOL, he made me do it! Now I should come up with a character and ask/inspire Mike to do one.