Friday, August 24, 2012

Please be mindful of beavers

Here's the latest bit of silliness.  This was a collaboration with LLToon.

He gave me this base pose and proportions:

This is the first outline based on that.  I knew I wanted a creature, but didn't quite know what yet, nor what it looked like.  At first, the default was a bunny, then a Stitch-like alien, mostly I wanted someone gleefully doing something.  The beaver came out on top for obvious reasons of bad taste.  At this point I think I only had the beaver holding on to something...not sure what.

And then of course, it dawned on me: bra straps are like reins!  Here's the final pencils.

And the first finished colors.  It took a while to get the wording right.  I knew I wanted some kind of pseudo public service message.  At first the sign said "Please don't bring your beaver clothes shopping."  and "Keep animals wild.  Please dont' feed them."  But that seemed too direct and at the same time nonsensical.  After trying a number of different approaches, this one seemed most appropriate.

I thought I was done, but as usual, the small size brought out some issues that I wasn't quite aware of.  I had to tweak the contrast a bit to make the shapes pop a little more.  Also the black text was disappearing into the gray background.

And one more color background variation:


  1. Nice work- although the beaver bit might have gone a little over my head, perhaps for the better. I always enjoy your sillier artwork. The girl looks quite annoyed- but it is her fault for not checking for beavers before she undressed. :-) I think the pale orangish background works best...

    Christopher Phoenix

  2. Thanks, Christopher! Don't try too hard to make sense of it :).

    The original idea actually was that it was her pet beaver, but that didn't make much sense either :).